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As a gardener each season brings new garden tasks, new flowers, trees, shrubs, fruit and vegetables. Here we aim to give you refreshing new garden ideas to create that beautiful garden all year round. As we all know in the winter months your garden can look a bit bare and neglected, so here we will give you some new gardening tips and garden designs that will help you to get your garden looking nice even in the winter. You can also see our wide range of rain water harvesting systems and rain water harvesting information on how to save water and make it work for you. Take a look at our wide range of water butts from many different sizes and shapes that are a big money saver.

Super range of Water Butts
Rain Water Harvesting Systems

Water Butts

All gardeners will know how much water your garden requires and whether you have a small garden or a large garden it can be very costly. We recommend that everyone should have a water butt for many reasons. Firstly by having a water butt you can store however much water your water butt can hold whether this be 280 litres or 1000 litres and your not paying a single penny for that water. Secondly rainwater is much better for your garden than tap water because it doesn't contain any chemicals thats used to clean tap water so we can drink it. Thirdly you will definately notice the difference in your water bills, especially if you are on a water metre and we have a dry summer.

Barrel Planters
Urn Planters
Column Planters
The barrel garden planters look stunning on your patio, garden decking and create a really beautiful centre piece in a small or large garden.
Creating a spacious garden with plenty of style. The Urn planters create a really umique presentation in your garden. Ideal for small flowers, shrub plants or small trees.
Different planters can give your garden a completely refreshing new look depending on how you display them. Our column planters and wall planters are very popular and ideal for small flowers or hanging plants

Water Features
Garden Ponds
Water Tanks
Theres nothing more relaxing than the sound of running water and especially in your own garden. You don't have to have a garden pond or be near a river to hear water. A water feature also can be a main piece in your garden.
Garden ponds come in many sizes, shapes and styles and be a stunning attraction in your garden. Our garden ponds give you a range of garden ideas on how to display your pond.
Under Decking Water Tanks. If you need a water butt and want to keep it hidden from view this underground water tank is ideal the job!

Rain Water Harvesting

You can spend so much money on your garden and buying different garden ornaments, plants and garden furniture. But you can save money when it comes to watering your garden by having a rain water harvesting system put into place. You have a number of options when it comes to a rain water system, for instance you can have it aboveground or below and you can store as much as you like.

Rain Water Harvesting Systems
Commercial Rain Water Harvesting Systems
Aboveground Water Tanks
Underground Water Tanks
Rain Water Harvesting Systems
For Home and Garden
Commercial Rain Water Harvesting Systems
Aboveground Water Tanks
Underground Water Tanks


Horticulture meaning the cultivation of plants which goes right the way back to Alexander the great, when culturist began to study and take information on different plants, flowers and fruits. As a gardener its important that you have some kind of knowledge on what plants you are going to plant and understand the habitation of them. As theres no point in spending out money for a plant that will die in a week, if its not been planted in the correct soil, bedding and light! With the right information to hand and care, any shape and size garden can look stunning.




Plant Information Guide
Flower Shows

Water Tanks

Supplying a wide range of quality products to industry and general public. Many of our products are manufactured on site. These include water tanks and water butts, rainwater harvesting systems, garden planters, water features and oil tanks.


So why not see our wonderful range of garden products - From Stoneware, Garden planters , garden ornaments, rainwater harvesting, water features, garden planters, fountains, fish ponds, water Storage tanks, pet store, garden furniture, stoneware, Garden pumps and more.....

Water Storage Tanks

Whether you need a water tank for your garden or a large water tank for the factory, we have many different shapes are sizes that are sure to suite your needs.


For all you happy gardeners out there, we have a beautiful selection of garden products which are made and manufatured here in the UK.
Potable Water Tanks

Take a look at our wide range of water tanks that are made from wras approved polymers which are suitable to hold drinking water.

Garden planters
Garden planters designed and made to meet your needs in a wide variety of styles, shapes, sizes and colours. Checkout our new urn planters they are even more stunning in the flesh. See our terracotta planters, barrel planters and more

Rain Water Tanks
This is where we can help you! We supply and manufacturer rainwater tanks from small to large and in many shapes and colours. All of our rainwater tanks are made here on site in the Uk which allows us to offer you a fast delivery service and a quality rainwater tank.
Water Butt
Are you looking for a water butt ? We have a wide collection of water butts from many different sizes and shapes so take a visit to -


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